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Before companies raise venture capital from a VC firm, they typically raise one or multiple rounds of funding from Angel Investors. Dutch Angel Investors (also called Business Angels or Informal Investors) are for the most part private investors with an entrepreneurial background.

To speed up the process of finding the right angel investor for your startup we have put together a curated list of Dutch Angel Investors. The list is downloadable and completely free.

What is an Angel Investor?

Angel Investors differentiate themselves from Venture Capitalists in multiple ways

(This accounts for the Dutch Funding Landscape)

The Angel Investor

  • Medium difficulty to approach.
  • Attracting capital from an angel investor typically happens within one’s first or second social circle reach.
  • An Angel Investor is also referred to as a Business Angel or Informal Investor.
  • Invests as an individual or as a part of a group called an investment syndicate.
  • Are willing to invest in companies that are idea-stage, early-stage, and pre-revenue-stage.
  • The amount invested is a lot less than the amounts of Venture Capital. For the Netherlands, an Angel typically invests an amount that ranges from EUR 10.000 to EUR 100.000.
  • A syndicate investment is often in the range of EUR 100.000 to EUR 1.000.000.
  • For a Dutch Angel Investor due diligence will range from a meeting over coffee or lunch to doing more thorough background checks and research with experts. When Dutch angels invest through a syndicate they tend to put more effort in their due diligence.
  • As most Angel Investors are experienced in business and entrepreneurship that will have a lot of value to add to the company in the form of contacts and experience.
  • Makes investments with a “Hand-off” mentality where they keep an eye out for updates but do not contribute too much of their time in the company.
  • They like to be kept up-to-date through newsletters and personal phone calls and e-mails.
  • You typically do not grant a board seat to an angel investor.
  • Check out our free curated list of Dutch Angel Investors.
  • Learn how to approach an Angel Investor in the Netherlands the correct way.

The Venture Capital Firm

  • Harder difficulty to approach
  • Attracting capital from a VC typically happens through an introduction from someone the VC trusts.
  • Invests as a company or business rather than an individual.
  • The VC seldom enters the company at the idea-stage, early-stage, pre-revenue-stage.
  • The VC does invest in companies at this stage when the reason to do so is compelling enough (scalable high tech with already successful founders).
  • In general, the Dutch VC enters the picture in a later stage when the concept is proven and some initial revenue is obtained to grow to the company.
  • For the Netherlands, a VC typically invests an amount that ranges from EUR 300.000 (seed-stage) to EUR 5-7.000.000 (later-stage).
  • For a Dutch VC due diligence will range from a trustworthy introduction followed by several meeting to go through your finances, administration and your legal documentation regarding IP, holding setup etc. VC’s will tend to do extensive background checks and research with experts. Venture Capitalists have to do a lot more due diligence because they have a fiduciary duty to their Limited Partners.
  • VC’s in the Netherlands tend to co-invest in many deals. This means that the risk is being mitigated by partnering with multiple VC’s when making an investment.
  • The VC brings a wide variety of value for the business. This ranges from experience, hands-on guidance, financial skills, network (national and international) growth mentoring and hiring advice.
  • In the Netherlands VC’s tend to want at least one board seat.
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The List Of Dutch Super Angels

The list contains a group of highly established Dutch entrepreneurs that give back to the startup and tech community by funding and advising young tech companies.

Arco van Nieuwland – Exact, Yuki
Investments made: Via CNBB Venture Partners: Sign2Pay, Bynder, SocialExpress.

Arthur Kosten – Booking.com
Investments made: Catawiki, Rockstart, Treatwell.nl, Yotpo, Gibbon.co, Festicket, Deskbookers, Preply, Planday, Subastia de Ocio.

Bas Rasker – Jiba, Eliza was Here, Zoover
Investments made: Via Axivate: King Arthur, Brood&Spelen.

Bernhard van Oranje – Clockwork, Levi9. Pinnacle
Investments made: Waterdream, Circuit Park Zandvoort.

Boris Velthuizen van Zanten – V3, Hubspot
Investments made: Wakoopa, feest.je.

Bram Bosveld – YoungCapital
Investments made: Stuvia, Rooming, I’M IN, Rooming, Besured.

Dirk Jan Koekkoek – eFuture
Investments made: 5minuten.tv, EntrD, Kabaz.

Erik Schut – Woodwing
Investments made: Via Enfuro in Triple Solar, Greenspread, Elestor & Rockstart Smart Energy
Via Woodwing Ventures in Sowiso, Digital chefs, Tiqets, Livelap, Freshfolds, Revue, Peak Capital & Rockstart Web & Mobile

Erwin van der Veen – Exact
Investments made: The ANT Works, Capital Mills, Vitulum Ventures.

Floris Rost van Tonningen – IEX.nl, Hyves
Investments made: Getable, Memoir, True & Co, UpCounsel, Silk, Prompt.ly, Puralytics, Grove Labs, Skykick, Springest, Zazzy, Nouncy, Wercker, Human, Karma, OAD, Wave.

Gert-Jan Munneke – Traffic4U
Investments made: Treatwell, Helloprint.

Gijs den Hartog – Optisports
Investments made: Via Capital Mills: Snap, 24/7 fitness, Tiqets, ZipJet.

Kalo Bagijn – BinckBank
Investments made: Invoicefinance

Kees Koolen – Booking.com
Investments made: GetYourGuide, Cloakroom, Super B, Mother Brain, Expa, Behaview, Live on Demand.

Kees Zegers – Not Just Film, Netdirect, Nu.nl, Veritate, AcceptEmail, Tripolis
Investments made: LikeFriends, ReamCampaign.

Klaas Joosten – M4N, ZEEF.com
Investments made: PLotprojects.

Koen Kam – Websilion, Mindbus, Hubhop, Hyves
Investments made: vintikids, iShopShape.

Laurens Groenendijk – Just-Eat, Treatwell
Investments made: Syndy, Tradono, Fixico, Fleet Logistics, Crowdy House, Zoef.com, Miinto, Jetwise, Hungr, Rapide.

Lucas Brentjens – Exact
Investments made: Via CNBB Venture Partners in Sign2Pay, Bynder, SocialExpress.

Maarten Beucker Andreae – 2dehands.be
Investments made: Ace & Tate Travilbird, Adgoji, Searcle, WieBetaaltWat, ClubCollectm MakersChannel, ZEEF.com, Nouncy, The Next Closet, Beeboxx, CrowdHouse, Rockstart.

Mark Schröder – Route Mobiel, Tango
Investments made: LaDress, Beeboxx, Fashiolista.

Marc van der Chijs – Tudou, Spil Asia
Investments made: Bitcoin, Blade, PeerReach, Kwestr

Marcel Beemsterboer – Emesa
Investments made: 3D Hubs, Zazzy, Fuelup, Deskbookers, 8fit, Eversports, Subasta de Ocio.

Marco Aarnink – Drukwerkdeal
Investments made: Legalloyd, PIMMR, Bolt Mobility.

Rogier Thewessen – YoungCapital
Investments made: Stuvia, Rooming, I’M IN, ROoming, Besured.

Sebastiaan Hooft – Centralpoint, Amsterdam Coffee Roasters, Petminds
Investments made: Via Mashille: Able Lending, Amsterdam Coffee Roasters, Spire Global, Warmth Mesic.

Stan van de Burgt – Q-go, Watchmouse
Investments made: DMO, Cloudspeakersm Human, Probe.

Theo Hoeksema – Paylogic
Investments made: Homerr, Fanly, KINboat.

Willem Sijthoff – FD
Investments made: Via Peak Capital: Catawiki.

Han de Groot – Metrixlab
Investments made: Silk, via VOC Capital Partners in Studyportals, Minibrew, NBWM, inbiolab, movico.

Hans Janssen – Woodwing
Investments made: Via Woodwing Ventures: Sowiso, Digital Chefs Tiqets, Livelap, Freshfolds, Revue, Peak Capital & Rockstart Web & Mobile.

Harald Swinkels – NLE
Investments made: InsightYou, Sowdan.

Heleen Dura-Van Oord – DQ&A
Investments made: Peak Capital.

Hugo de Koning – YoungCapital
Investments made: Stuvia, Rooming, I’M IN, Rooming, Besured.

Jan Joost Rueb – eBuddy
Investments made: Zazzy, Roomlr, Siilo, Vortex Capital Partners.

Jan Willem Gerritsen – Metrixlab
Investments made: Via VOC Capital Partners in Studyportals, Minibrew, NBWM, Inbiolab.

Jan Willem Tusveld – Vinden.nl
Investments made: Peak Capital, Foody, Diligent Valley.

Janneke Niessen – Improve Digital
Investments made: Swogo, 7write, Endeit, Bomberbot.

Johan van Mil – Mailmedia, Consentu, Adatus, Returnsocial
Investments made: Peak Capital

Joost van de Wijgerd – Smarthaven, JTeam, SpringSource, eBuddy, BUX (CTO)
Investments made: Regeldit, IRL, Bmbo, BUX

Jos Dirkse – Capri, Cook&Becker, ARI
Investments made: Glashelder invest, City Select, Leapp, NieuwKapitaal, Vespers invest, Deltrix Capital.

Martijn Rozendaal – Just-Eat, Treatwell
Investments made: Syndy, Tradono, Fixico, Fleet Logistics, Crowdy House, Zoef.com, Miinto, Jetwise, Hungr, Rapide.

Michael Kinsbergen – Nedstat
Investments made: Artsy, Ark, 500friends, Visually, Pen io, EAT Club, Motion Math, Lawpivot, NewHive, Drumbi, WaterSmart Sofware, SolarNexus.

Michael van Beers – eFuture
Investments made: 5minuten.tv, EntrD, Kabaz, Tripgems.

Michiel Muller – Route Mobiel, Tango
Investments made: Picnic, Fashiolista, Vonq, Vault79, LaDress, Beeboxx.

Nick Stals – Hotelspecials
Investments made: Bardoggy, Double Dutch Lingerie.

Onno Bakker – eBuddy
Investments made: Zazzy.

Patrick Kerssemakers – Fonq
Investments made: Springest, Starred, Zoef, Africamps, Voicebooking: Via Hummingbird Ventures in Ciceksepeti.com, peakgames.net, showpad.com, awingu.com, engagor.com. 

Peter Driessen – SPIL
Investments made: Fitmo, Endeit.

Pieter Schoen – NLE
Investments made: Sowdan via VOC Capital Partners: NBWM, Studyportals, Minibrew, Inbiolab.

Quintin Schevernels – Layar (CEO)
Investments made: Yearn, MOOR, Early Stage Fund.

Ralph Cohen – Icemobile
Investments made: Via Venson Capital Partners.

Raymond Spanjar – IEX.nl, Hyves
Investments made: UpCounsel, Akkadian ventures, Hummingbird Ventures, RP Travel.

Reinout te Brake – MMO Gaming
Investments made: Gramble, Zombot Studio, VCE, Creel, MMOtraffic, Spil, MMO LIFE, Paylogic, Pivvo, IQU.com, MAG Interactive, StarArcade, Tinyloot.

Rob de Heus – Scoot Media
Investments made: UpCounsel, Akkadian ventures, Hummingbird Ventures, RP Travel.

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The List Of Dutch Angel Networks

The list contains a group of highly established Dutch entrepreneurs that give back to the startup and tech community by funding and advising young tech companies.