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Huizen, Noord-Holland


Informal Capital Network (ICN), based in Huizen, has now been 10 years old and has already made many investments in beautiful companies in different markets and life stages. The ICN team consists of a small group of professionals who have proven in the past few years to successfully select, arrange, manage and ultimately sell investments. At the moment, however, ICN is fully invested and focuses on ongoing investments. As soon as there is room for new investments, this will be indicated on the website.

ICN has a network of approximately 450 Informal Investors: (former) entrepreneurs or wealthy individuals who use their capital and experience for companies that need risk capital. Guidance for success is that ICN’s investment enables a substantial increase in the profitability of the company. This gives the investment perspective a good return for the entrepreneur and investors. The trend beneath the investment makes it possible for strong-growing companies to tap new markets. For heavy-duty companies, the restructuring itself is often financed.


Onno den Boer (Partner), Geert Jan Leest (Managing Partner), , Chantal Doop (Controller)

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