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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


Introduction – What is Salamander Investments Netherlands (SIN) about?

Salamander Investments Netherlands (SIN) is the society of INSEAD alumni that directly and indirectly provides INSEAD related entrepreneurial ventures access to financing and expertise.

SIN has three main objectives

  • To connect INSEAD alumni with an interest in entrepreneurship
  • To act as a ‘vertical’ through which alumni of different promotions can get acquainted and share expertise and investment opportunities
  • To promote entrepreneurship amongst the ranks of INSEAD alumni

SIN actively evaluates investment proposals. SIN either takes direct equity stakes in selected investments or helps setting up contacts with formal and informal investors. Also, SIN organizes events where its members study investments as a business case, where possible new participations are jointly evaluated, and where there is ample opportunity to socialize. SIN currently has eighty members and has five participations in its portfolio. A considerable number of SIN members are also professionally active in the investment community at companies like Nimbus, Kempen & Co., Trimoteur, Pinguin Ventures, Parcom Ventures, NPM Capital, MedSciences Capital, and HAL Investments.


Samuel Gerssen (Managing Director)

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