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Baarn, Utrecht


Early stage investments are a crucial driver for innovation and economic growth. In Ventulizer terms, we call this the sprout phase, in between the seed and growth phase. For the young entrepreneur, this is one of the most challenging phases for his new venture. For the investor, this a highly rewarding phase, when the risks are managed with the right approach and skills.

Ventulizer is an innovative community for investors in promising young ventures in this sprout phase, that have a positive impact on the environment and society, also known as ESG impact, see Related Investment Philosophy and Criteria. It leverages the skills of a venture team with the experience, knowledge and support of entrepreneurial investors. And this combined knowledge and experience works both ways. Not only are the risks of early stage investments significantly reduced but besides financial support, the young venture will profit from this dramatically. That is the true power of Ventulizer.


Paul de Geus (Founding Partner), Robert Weaver (Partner), Marius Veenker (Founding Partner)



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