The List Of Dutch Super Angels

The list contains a group of highly established Dutch entrepreneurs that give back to the startup and tech community by funding and advising young tech companies.

Arco van Nieuwland – Exact, Yuki
Investments made: Via CNBB Venture Partners: Sign2Pay, Bynder, SocialExpress.

Arthur Kosten –
Investments made: Catawiki, Rockstart,, Yotpo,, Festicket, Deskbookers, Preply, Planday, Subastia de Ocio.

Bas Rasker – Jiba, Eliza was Here, Zoover
Investments made: Via Axivate: King Arthur, Brood&Spelen.

Bernhard van Oranje – Clockwork, Levi9. Pinnacle
Investments made: Waterdream, Circuit Park Zandvoort.

Boris Velthuizen van Zanten – V3, Hubspot
Investments made: Wakoopa,

Bram Bosveld – YoungCapital
Investments made: Stuvia, Rooming, I’M IN, Rooming, Besured.

Dirk Jan Koekkoek – eFuture
Investments made:, EntrD, Kabaz.

Erik Schut – Woodwing
Investments made: Via Enfuro in Triple Solar, Greenspread, Elestor & Rockstart Smart Energy
Via Woodwing Ventures in Sowiso, Digital chefs, Tiqets, Livelap, Freshfolds, Revue, Peak Capital & Rockstart Web & Mobile

Erwin van der Veen – Exact
Investments made: The ANT Works, Capital Mills, Vitulum Ventures.

Floris Rost van Tonningen –, Hyves
Investments made: Getable, Memoir, True & Co, UpCounsel, Silk,, Puralytics, Grove Labs, Skykick, Springest, Zazzy, Nouncy, Wercker, Human, Karma, OAD, Wave.

Gert-Jan Munneke – Traffic4U
Investments made: Treatwell, Helloprint.

Gijs den Hartog – Optisports
Investments made: Via Capital Mills: Snap, 24/7 fitness, Tiqets, ZipJet.

Kalo Bagijn – BinckBank
Investments made: Invoicefinance

Kees Koolen –
Investments made: GetYourGuide, Cloakroom, Super B, Mother Brain, Expa, Behaview, Live on Demand.

Kees Zegers – Not Just Film, Netdirect,, Veritate, AcceptEmail, Tripolis
Investments made: LikeFriends, ReamCampaign.

Klaas Joosten – M4N,
Investments made: PLotprojects.

Koen Kam – Websilion, Mindbus, Hubhop, Hyves
Investments made: vintikids, iShopShape.

Laurens Groenendijk – Just-Eat, Treatwell
Investments made: Syndy, Tradono, Fixico, Fleet Logistics, Crowdy House,, Miinto, Jetwise, Hungr, Rapide.

Lucas Brentjens – Exact
Investments made: Via CNBB Venture Partners in Sign2Pay, Bynder, SocialExpress.

Maarten Beucker Andreae –
Investments made: Ace & Tate Travilbird, Adgoji, Searcle, WieBetaaltWat, ClubCollectm MakersChannel,, Nouncy, The Next Closet, Beeboxx, CrowdHouse, Rockstart.

Mark Schröder – Route Mobiel, Tango
Investments made: LaDress, Beeboxx, Fashiolista.

Marc van der Chijs – Tudou, Spil Asia
Investments made: Bitcoin, Blade, PeerReach, Kwestr

Marcel Beemsterboer – Emesa
Investments made: 3D Hubs, Zazzy, Fuelup, Deskbookers, 8fit, Eversports, Subasta de Ocio.

Marco Aarnink – Drukwerkdeal
Investments made: Legalloyd, PIMMR, Bolt Mobility.

Rogier Thewessen – YoungCapital
Investments made: Stuvia, Rooming, I’M IN, ROoming, Besured.

Sebastiaan Hooft – Centralpoint, Amsterdam Coffee Roasters, Petminds
Investments made: Via Mashille: Able Lending, Amsterdam Coffee Roasters, Spire Global, Warmth Mesic.

Stan van de Burgt – Q-go, Watchmouse
Investments made: DMO, Cloudspeakersm Human, Probe.

Theo Hoeksema – Paylogic
Investments made: Homerr, Fanly, KINboat.

Willem Sijthoff – FD
Investments made: Via Peak Capital: Catawiki.

Han de Groot – Metrixlab
Investments made: Silk, via VOC Capital Partners in Studyportals, Minibrew, NBWM, inbiolab, movico.

Hans Janssen – Woodwing
Investments made: Via Woodwing Ventures: Sowiso, Digital Chefs Tiqets, Livelap, Freshfolds, Revue, Peak Capital & Rockstart Web & Mobile.

Harald Swinkels – NLE
Investments made: InsightYou, Sowdan.

Heleen Dura-Van Oord – DQ&A
Investments made: Peak Capital.

Hugo de Koning – YoungCapital
Investments made: Stuvia, Rooming, I’M IN, Rooming, Besured.

Jan Joost Rueb – eBuddy
Investments made: Zazzy, Roomlr, Siilo, Vortex Capital Partners.

Jan Willem Gerritsen – Metrixlab
Investments made: Via VOC Capital Partners in Studyportals, Minibrew, NBWM, Inbiolab.

Jan Willem Tusveld –
Investments made: Peak Capital, Foody, Diligent Valley.

Janneke Niessen – Improve Digital
Investments made: Swogo, 7write, Endeit, Bomberbot.

Johan van Mil – Mailmedia, Consentu, Adatus, Returnsocial
Investments made: Peak Capital

Joost van de Wijgerd – Smarthaven, JTeam, SpringSource, eBuddy, BUX (CTO)
Investments made: Regeldit, IRL, Bmbo, BUX

Jos Dirkse – Capri, Cook&Becker, ARI
Investments made: Glashelder invest, City Select, Leapp, NieuwKapitaal, Vespers invest, Deltrix Capital.

Martijn Rozendaal – Just-Eat, Treatwell
Investments made: Syndy, Tradono, Fixico, Fleet Logistics, Crowdy House,, Miinto, Jetwise, Hungr, Rapide.

Michael Kinsbergen – Nedstat
Investments made: Artsy, Ark, 500friends, Visually, Pen io, EAT Club, Motion Math, Lawpivot, NewHive, Drumbi, WaterSmart Sofware, SolarNexus.

Michael van Beers – eFuture
Investments made:, EntrD, Kabaz, Tripgems.

Michiel Muller – Route Mobiel, Tango
Investments made: Picnic, Fashiolista, Vonq, Vault79, LaDress, Beeboxx.

Nick Stals – Hotelspecials
Investments made: Bardoggy, Double Dutch Lingerie.

Onno Bakker – eBuddy
Investments made: Zazzy.

Patrick Kerssemakers – Fonq
Investments made: Springest, Starred, Zoef, Africamps, Voicebooking: Via Hummingbird Ventures in,,,, 

Peter Driessen – SPIL
Investments made: Fitmo, Endeit.

Pieter Schoen – NLE
Investments made: Sowdan via VOC Capital Partners: NBWM, Studyportals, Minibrew, Inbiolab.

Quintin Schevernels – Layar (CEO)
Investments made: Yearn, MOOR, Early Stage Fund.

Ralph Cohen – Icemobile
Investments made: Via Venson Capital Partners.

Raymond Spanjar –, Hyves
Investments made: UpCounsel, Akkadian ventures, Hummingbird Ventures, RP Travel.

Reinout te Brake – MMO Gaming
Investments made: Gramble, Zombot Studio, VCE, Creel, MMOtraffic, Spil, MMO LIFE, Paylogic, Pivvo,, MAG Interactive, StarArcade, Tinyloot.

Rob de Heus – Scoot Media
Investments made: UpCounsel, Akkadian ventures, Hummingbird Ventures, RP Travel.

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