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CNBB Venture Partners

General information


CNBB Venture Partners is a software-focused investment firm that supports entrepreneurs in realizing their growth ambitions by providing capital and strategic support. Founded in 2007, our firm makes venture-capital and private equity investments in Europe from offices in Rotterdam and Antwerp. CNBB acts as active investor in the financial, strategic and operational sense. Through an international network and expertise in expanding companies internationally, we also provide entrepreneurs with powerful support to fulfill their international growth ambitions.

CNBB’s venture-capital practice spans software sectors and investment stages ranging from seed to growth. We invest in both enterprise and consumer software, and have significant experience in SaaS/cloud models. Our investments typically range from EUR 500k to EUR 5m, depending on the stage of the company. The funding is provided to businesses that have a defined and deliverable product/service offering and a proven business model that has been implemented and validated by multiple paying customers. We often talk about a minimum of EUR 1m recurring revenue but this measure will ultimately depend on the type of company and the products/services.

In our private equity practice, we leverage our Managing Partners’ 30+ years of experience in the industry to identify, acquire and build great software companies. This starts by selecting well-positioned companies with best-in-class software products and related services, a strong customer base, and attractive market dynamics. Investments are made in companies active in markets with attractive characteristics for a consolidation strategy: consistent growth, sufficient size, sustainable profitability, fragmentation and (indication of) consolidation. We work with management teams to accelerate growth, access new markets, optimize existing business models and build platforms through acquisitions. CNBB acquires Europe-based companies that require an equity investment by our funds from EUR 3m up to EUR 10m. While business software remains our focus, we are also willing to look at other software companies if we feel comfortable with the product or service.