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Eindhoven Corporate Finance Group

General information


ECFG is an independent, autonomous and private fund manager, who advises, supports and invests in SME companies operating in the Business-to-Business segment. Our activities are primarily focused on strategic support of innovative and promising entrepreneurs in the region Brainport Eindhoven. With our entrepreneurial investors backing and our broad network, we offer and create added value.

It is our belief that high-quality corporate finance is necessary for a company to successfully develop through the different life phases. Government incentives, subsidies and (banking) financing constructions can strategically accelerate growth. Additionally, Venture Capital can be an accelerator or multiplier for the entrepreneur and the investor.

Venture Capital is still characterized by the American way of investing: take calculated risks and strive for calculated returns. By providing a wide range of additional financial and business development instruments, we give a positive European twist to the Venture Capital principle.