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Energiefonds Overijssel

General information


Energiefonds Overijssel offers a financial contribution to companies, organizations and projects that reduce energie consumption or generate energie from renewable sources. This way the fund contributes to employment, entrepreneurship, innovation and the ambition of Overijssel: 20% renewable energy in 2023.

You want to make a business of renewable energy with your company or organization. However, you are not able to (completely) obtain financing through a banking loan. Energiefonds Overijssel helps with realising your plans.

This revolving fund invests €200 million in:

  • Projects of companies and organisations that generate renewable energy or reduce energy consumption
  • Hightech innovations in the field of generating renewable energy or reducing energy consumption
  • Energy saving and renewable energy projects in (social) residential buildings
  • Energiefonds Overijssel contributes actively to your project or company. Depending on your plans and the size of your company, the fund offers a load or guarantee, or participates.