ING Innovation Studio

A safe environment where startups and ING teams can quickly experiment with new business models.

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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 


We think a video describes best what we do:


Corporate Innovation Studio

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Willem Schellekens (Co-Founder), Adam Ayers (Co-Founder)

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What they offer

Hey there @ING Innovation Studio, Let us know what you have to offer?

Focusing on

Hey there @ING Innovation Studio, let us know what type of ideas, concepts, founder you focus on when choosing a new venture to pursue?   

Mentionable Startups

Hey there @ING Innovation Studio, which of your ventures are you most proud of and why? 

Backed Founders

Hey There @ING Innovation Studio, if you have any to mention. Let us know.


Hey there @ING Innovation Studio, if you have any to mention, let us know.

Their Secret Sauce

Hey there @ING Innovation Studio, what is the number one unstealable, uncopyable thing you guys bring to the table when building a venture.