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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


ACE Venture Lab is a startup accelerator that actively supports researchers, scientists, students and entrepreneurs with tech-driven ideas looking to transform their concepts into a feasible business. Today the accelerator is home to young entrepreneurs who develop world changing concepts in industries like Advanced IT, Medical & Health Technology, Chemical & Advanced Materials and Sustainable Technology. Offering tailored programs, startup facilities, entrepreneurial network and mentorship from the best startup experts, ACE Venture Lab supports ambitious science and high-tech entrepreneurs across every stage of starting a business.

ACE Venture Lab opened its doors early 2013 and is an initiative of the Amsterdam universities supported by the multiple organizations in the Amsterdam region



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Entrepreneurial Education, Entrepreneurship Research, fundraising, venture mentoring, science-based start-ups, team building, market development, product development, pitching, investor readiness, and start-up network

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Science and tech-based incubator | mentoring | experts | entrepreneurship | startups | network

Mentionable Startups

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Mentionable Alumni

Karbe, Lucipher, Exometry, NBT Analytics, Radically Open Security, Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI), Toxys, Plantics, UbiQ, Nico-lab, Haerrmonics, Confocal, Ominigen, pEdge, Aiir Innovations, illi Engineering, Hapticore, 241 Software Solutions, RCM, Quantis, High Voltage Water, NLC, Lumicks, InCatt, IDI Snowmobile, Stream Computing, InnoSeis, Instamrkt, Preceptum, Labficiency, ClinicaGeno, MyReputationLab, ENPICOM, Panoptes, 3DUniversum, Medicine Men, Metrica Sports, Scyfer, 904Labs, CTcue, Loqed, Usersat, Milestone, i-novus, Hep-Art, Headroom, Talent en Spelinzicht.


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