Dutch Game Garden

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Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht


Dutch Game Garden’s mission is to create employment and economic growth by stimulating the games industry in the Netherlands. Through their facilities and myriad services they help startup game companies establish themselves, promote the healthy growth of their studios and further the development of high quality games.

Dutch Game Garden organizes events and projects to foster innovation, promote the exchange of information and help game developers from the Netherlands get exposure for their titles. All these activities add up to more than the sum of their parts, assuring Dutch Game Garden is unique in the Netherlands and abroad.



Contact Person

Jan-Pieter van Seventer


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What they offer

Business Center

Startup Support

INDIGO Showcase

INDIGO Classes

Applied game development bootcamps

Global Game Jam NL (co-organizer)

Networking Lunches

Summer Game Dev

Pitch trainings

Focusing on

support for talented students and startups, advice & consultancy, organising game related events, matchmaking, facilitating entrepreneurship, Incubator, Business Center, and Developers’ Club

Mentionable Startups

Abbey Games,Active Worlds,

BlueFox, Boostermedia, Brightling, Bureau BlauwGeel,Calling the Shots , Control Magazine, 

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Mentionable Alumni

Active Cues, AppTornado, Claynote, Digital Dreams,DSTNY, Dutch Games Association, Fans4Music, Game Drive,GainPlay,Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, Haute Technique,Hammersmith Hardmen Media, Hibernate Studios,INTK,Ludomotion, Martijn Frazer,Mediarush, Monkeybizniz, Monobanda,Pauzeplay, Vincent van Geel, Virtual Play, Vlambeer, Wispfire,Wooden Plank,Xform,Brand New Games, Sneaky Mammoth, Turtleneck Studios,Atlantis Games,B1 Events,Curve Fever, Emissive Games,Mouse Control ,  Sassybot Studio, Split Polygon,Twirlbound 

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