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UtrechtInc is a business incubator that specializes in growing (tech) startups during their first years of existence. UtrechtInc provide an environment and program for your startup to build innovative products, develop teams, meet experts and like minded entrepreneurs, attract funding and grow a successful business.

UtrechtInc supported over 100 startups. It’s all about bringing entrepreneurs like you and your partners together in a dynamic environment. In this entrepreneurial community you get in touch with potential investors, customers, mentors and peers!



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In particular their connection with the UU, UMCU and HU offers 

Focusing on

Climate: a healthy environment, sustainability, energy

Health: healthy people, medical technology, health care innovations

Education: a healthy mind, ed-tech, innovations in learning

Mentionable Startups

2daysmood, Argu,Bolas, Brain Science Tools,CART-Tech, Cashwijzer,De Energiebespaarders, DialogueTrainer,Edutainment Games,Faqta,Fritts, Happi,IamProgrez, IDfuse, InBeacon, LeanLibrary,  Prolira,Redgrasp,Rentman,Revisely, SensorFact,Site2Mobile,Solease,Sustanalyze, ,Trunkrs,uCrowds ,Urika,Your Next Concepts, Agenses,Confy, Sleepcare,Wheelsbnb, ArtPub,Het Poeppaleis           

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