Mamadoo Ventures

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General information


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


This description can be found on either or their website homepage, about us page


 This information can be found on the fund website at the team section. Look at here you can see how to show the Team section. Put the name first and link it to their LinkedIn page. Also add in their function at the VC firm. 

Investment information

Investment type

Seed investments, early stage venture investments, debt financing investments (Example information, this can be found on crunchbase or by looking at the fund website. They will tell this on their websites)

Investment size

100k – 2.5M  (This can be found on the company website page or on crunchbase)

Investing in

E-Commerce solutions, Real Estate innovations, Fin-Tech solutions, Marketing and Advertisement solutions (Example information. Look at crunchbase or look on the VC website, they will write about their focus on the website.)