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Noaber Ventures

Driving Change, Improving Health

General information


People want to live healthy for as long as possible. We find innovations and change that help them do that to be a challenge. In our investment agenda we summarize the theme’s on which we focus. 

Our innovation agenda consists of a few chapters. Firstly vitality: we must try to stay healthy. Followed by autonomy: when faced with a diseas, we want to remain in control. Because we are in contact with health experts (and they are between themselves) it is of importance that these processes between them and us run smoothly. Naturally, this requires certain conditions. These also hold our attention and interest. 

In addition to that we realize that a healthy live is partly decided by the amount of which we (can) use the healthcare system. Do we have access to professionals? Are the costs that come with healthcare covered by insurers? But that is also not all-determining. Our nutrition, living environment and the (absence of) employment influences our health. Therefore we have a holistic view on a ‘healthy life’ in our innovation agenda.