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We are builders, not just investors

General information


Tablomonto’s involvement is based on the conviction that the founder(s) must be entirely in control. We invest only if the team has the firm belief and all the qualities necessary to turn an idea into a company. Our role in this is to be a sounding board, to provide coaching and, if possible, introductions to business partners.

 We focus on angel investing and series A/B up to an amount of €1.5 million per participation. Thanks to our excellent relations with larger (international) VCs, we can bring our participations into timely contact with parties that could enable further scale-up.

 If the idea and the entrepreneur have enough potential, we may also coach, where necessary, in achieving the first phase of a concept that can be tested, after which an investment may follow.

The hallmark of the investments is the requirement of a scalable concept. Technology is important, but unlike the quality of the team, it’s not a decisive factor. There must also be a firm belief that everything has to revolve around the end users and their experience.