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General information


Utrecht, Utrecht


The focus is on companies operating in the High-Tech, Smart Products, Nano and micro system technology, medical technology, internet of things and Robotics sectors. The enterprise must be established in the Netherlands and must have been commercially active for no more than seven years. The fund management and the experts from its network actively supervise the companies in their further growth and development.


Aldebert Wiersinga (managing partner), Jos Bourgonje (managing partner), Ronald Wissink (managing partner), Willem van den Berg (managing partner)

Investment information

Investment type

Seed investments, early stage venture investments, debt financing investments (Example information)

Investment size

100k – 2.5M  (Example information)

Investing in

E-Commerce solutions, Real Estate innovations, Fin-Tech solutions, Marketing and Advertisement solutions (Example information)

Investments made

Crobox, ABOSS, Otrium, Daalder, Monyq, Notificare, Mangrove, Nestpick, Bird Control Group, Region BV, Safe Harbour (acquired), Redmax, Reflectrum (acquired), Crunch-e (acquired) (Example information)


Safe Harbor, Reflectrum, Crunch-e  (Example information)