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A collection of great Tools and Resources that will help you get funding faster


NLFunding provides a useful overview of Dutch (venture capital) startup investors. But how will you find the startup investor that is most relevant to your company and get in touch with them? How do you find that one investor that’s willing to invest in your vision of the future? At Golden Egg Check we make it our duty to provide you with premium tools to find that perfect startup investor match.

Over the past years, we at Golden Egg Check have built up a database of literally all VCs active and startup investors in the Netherlands; from 5square to WoodWing Venturesand everyone in between. And the interesting thing is: we’ve also included foreign investors that are actively looking for Dutch startups such as Point Nine Capital, Fortino and Balderton. We keep track of their investment preferences and criteria, and now we want to make this knowledge accessible to you; founders of great startups.

Today we present you a tool that finds the perfect startup investor for your company. How we do we do that? Scroll down and read on how we will find that perfect match for you.


A search Tool to find the relevant investor for your company
Finding the right investor for your company is a hard task. Use the tools on this page to get help with finding that perfect investor for your company.

The Ultimate Reading List for when you want to raise funding
Raising a round of funding for your company takes time, practice and hard work. Some of that hard work is done by DOING and some of it is done by READING. This list will help you on your way with the reading part.

A list of 50+ Dutch Super Angels
Super angels propel Startups into the stratosphere. Super Angels bring in years of their own experience, connections, and mentorship. Super Angels breath life into a tech-scene and make way for young and ambitious entrepreneurs to follow in their established footsteps.

Download the Startup Funding Book (give away copy)
Written by famous Angel Investor Nicolaj Højer Nielsen and shared through NLfunding (Partnership). The Startup Funding Book is about building understanding and preparing entrepreneurs for pitching their project to investors.

How to make investors love your startup team
Paul Musters tell us how to design a pitch deck team slide like a professional.