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NLFunding provides a useful overview of Dutch (venture capital) startup investors. But how will you find the startup investor that is most relevant to your company and get in touch with them? How do you find that one investor that’s willing to invest in your vision of the future? At Golden Egg Check we make it our duty to provide you with premium tools to find that perfect startup investor match.

Over the past years, we at Golden Egg Check have built up a database of literally all VCs active and startup investors in the Netherlands; from 5square to WoodWing Ventures and everyone in between. And the interesting thing is: we’ve also included foreign investors that are actively looking for Dutch startups such as Point Nine Capital, Fortino and Balderton. We keep track of their investment preferences and criteria, and now we want to make this knowledge accessible to you; founders of great startups.

Today we present you a tool that finds the perfect startup investor for your company. How we do we do that? Scroll down and read on how we will find that perfect match for you.

Our search tool is not designed to find relevant angel investors for your company. See the Angel investor list when you’re searching for an overview of Dutch Angel Investors.

An overview of the Venture Capital database – Golden Egg Check

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How Golden Egg Check can help you

We value a transparent startup-venture capital ecosystem and therefore we decided to help out the initiative of NLFunding.

With our smart investor search tool, we can help startups to target the right investor(s). We hope this will help you to speed up your fundraising process. Or even better, we hope that you can get in touch with investors before you are fundraising. No formal company presentations, just informal meetings with investors that like to keep track of the new generation of great startups and could provide you with valuable advice. Maybe during this process you’ll decide that venture capital isn’t the right way to finance your business, and maybe we can help you to grow in other ways. But if you are looking for an investor now or soon, we can help you to get in touch with the most relevant investors.

We keep in close contact with many of the investors in our database so if we think your startup is qualified and/ or investor ready and you like an introduction, we can help you with that.

And the good news is; it’s a FREE service that we like to offer to Dutch startups.

Our investor search tool

We’ve spent over 5 years of research on the (Dutch) venture capital market. Based on the bottlenecks we see when startups and investors are trying to find each other, we’ve developed our own software tools to improve this. One of these tools is Investor Search. We are now building the best investor search platform in Europe, and we want to apply it in the first phase with you, Dutch startups. We help you to target the right investors, you help us by providing us with feedback. And together we help the Dutch startup scene to become more transparent and professional.

Intermediary organizations (e.g. accountants and corporate finance advisors) that help startups to find investors (and vice versa) are also welcome to use our tooling.

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About the author

Thomas Mensink is a Business Analyst at Golden Egg Check. He is a startup enthusiast and writes about the Dutch startup ecosystem, startup investing and how startups evolve over time.