Finance for the Future

General information


UNIIQ is an investment fund of €22 million focussed on the proof-of-concept phase. UNIIQ helps etrepreneurs in the province of Zuid-Holland to bring their unique innovation to market. We offer entrepreneurs the starting capital to realise their plans and cover the phase of concept to promising company which holds most risk. 

Through intensive collaboration with knowledge institutions and incubators we can actively support entrepreneurs in their strategic development. The UNIIQ investment is used to validate the innovation and businessconcept. The process is aimed at transitioning to a next investment. We run a clear process with entrepreneurial friendly conditions. 

The fund is founded through a consortium consisting of Erasmus MC, TU Delft, University Leiden and the regional development company InnovationQuarter. UNIIQ is managed by a team of investment professionals in which collaboration partners are represented. The collective ambition is to accelerate innovations to market and utilize the innovation potential of the province of Zuid-Holland.