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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


ABN AMRO serves retail, private and commercial banking customers in the Netherlands and across the globe. Along with a comprehensive range of products and services, we offer in-depth financial expertise, extensive knowledge of numerous sectors and an international network supporting our customers’ domestic and international operations.

We aim to respond to the ever-changing market and, in doing so, to our customers’ ever-changing needs. Customers want a bank that acts in the context of today’s realities and is straightforward with them at all times; a bank that learns from its experiences and whose top priority is to provide the best possible service.


Kees van Dijkhuizen (Managing Board), Johan van Hall (Managing Board), Wietze Reehoorn (Managing Board), Chris Vogelzang (Managing Board), 

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IS Group, iBasis , Getronics NV, Enertel, Beep! Goodnight Midstream, Digital Asset, Carerix,BioVex, Xention, Alantos,  Pharmaceuticals, FlowMedica, Bluebird Bio, Accelerated Technologies, BioVex, , Ardana Bioscience, Acorda Therapeutics, ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Pieris AG, BEELINE Technologies, Mysticom, UpShot Corporation ,Drug Abuse Sciences, Pluris, Tradiant, EcomXML, BondDesk, Aucxis Corporation, Xpede, LNG Holdings, Cycore, Telenisus, BeXcom, Asia Online Limited, IMX Exchange, Corechange, clickNsettle.com, Integral Development Corp. , eCredit 


Vulcanic, IMCD, Loparex, Glud & Marstrand, Ethel Austin