Astor Participaties

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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


The ultimate goal of Astor participation is to create added value. Something goes on Astor Participations than just meeting the demand for risk capital. In their case the power is not limited to money, but it is also inextricably linked to corporate and participatory experience. A combination that delivers optimal engagement and value. With this proposition, we want to clearly distinguish it from other suppliers in the market.


  Sam J. Alleman 


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Investment type

Later-stage venture investments 

Investment size


Investing in

Expansion financing, acquisitions through a management buy in or management buy out and ‘second phase’ turnaround financing

Investments made

Grozette B. V. Woerden,Schoevers Group B. V. Wood, 2Cure Medical Information Services B. V. Amsterdam, BHV. com / Commitment B. V. Nijmegen,  Kahuna Group B. V., Amersfoort , Wholesale Nice van der Laan Dekker B. V. Nieuw Vennep.