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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


Avedon Capital Partners is a growth investor passionate about supporting exceptional entrepreneurs and high growth companies to realise their fast track ambitions. Their goal is to partner with and help distinctive entrepreneurs and management teams to realize a company’s full growth potential through for example roll-out, geographical expansion and buy-and-build strategies.


Alfred Tulp (Partner), Bas Kea (associate), Benjamin Von Schulz (Associate), Emily Eeffries-boezeman (Investment Manager), Gerard Burgers (Partner), Gerritjan Eggenkamp (Partner), Hannes Hinteregger (Partner), Jan-moritz Hohn (Associate), Julian Bärenfänger(Partner), Joyce Du Pont (PA / office manager), Michel Verhoog(Partner), Nicole Merse (Office Manager), Rikkert Beerekamp (CFO / Investor Relations), Rogier Luttjeboer (Analyst), Ronald Kolk (Investment Manager), Wendy Kremer (Pa / Office Manager), Yvonne Wiersma (Legal Counsel), Peter Tieleman (Chairman Of The Supervisory Board), Rolf Bixner (Member Of The Supervisory Board), Aukje Haan (Member Of The Supervisory Board)


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Later-stage venture investments

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Investing in

E-Commerce solutions, Real Estate innovations, Fin-Tech solutions, Marketing and Advertisement solutions (Example information. Look at crunchbase or look on the VC website, they will write about their focus on the website.)

Investments made

WCC Smart Search & Match, Olympia Uitzendrurfau, Robidus, Vanriet, CCS Future Assured, Seebach, F4F, Cyclomedia. 


Teschinkasso, Marlies Dekkers, GRW, Busker, Euretco, BWise, Sandd, Vitae, Janssen Jong, Finarch