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Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij

General information


As an economic development agency, BOM is committed to supporting the continued growth of companies in the Brabant region. BOM provides knowledge, capital, talent, market and facilities to ambitious entrepreneurs with growth potential who focus on finding solutions to economic and social issues. By doing this, BOM contributes to the sustainable development of Brabant’s economy.

In the startup phase many entrepreneurs will face strategic challenges that are completely new to them. How do I get my product or service into the hands of customers? Should I handle manufacturing myself or is outsourcing a better option? And how do I raise capital? At BOM, we deal with these issues every single day. We provide expertise, capital and access to our network, so startups are better prepared and can grow quicker.

The scale-up phase is all about capturing growth opportunities. There are many ways to do this, ranging from internationalization to expanding the number of outlets and launching new products. But is the organization ready for this? Do you have sufficient insight into the risks? And how do you finance the required investments? BOM provides ambitious entrepreneurs with expertise, skills, capital and contacts to support their next phase of growth.