Business Angels Netwerken Nederland

Connecting all parties that matter to the Dutch business angels ecosystem

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Apeldoorn, Gelderland


Business Angels Netwerken Nederland (NL BAN) is the national trade association representing the Dutch business angel market. Members of the Association are business angels networks, business angel syndicates (groups) and individual business angels. NL BAN represents a total of more than 3,000 business angels. The Association wants all those involved in the business angel market in the Netherlands to connect and to align with each other to further realize the Dutch business angel ecosystem for maximum accessibility between business angels and companies. Therefore, Banks, Accounting Firms, Crowdfunding organizations, professional consultants in the areas of corporate finance, venture capitalists, private equity firms and regional development, Accelerators and Incubators are invited to become associate members.



Harry Helwegen (Chairman), Rene Reijtenbagh (Secretary), Bas Langelaar (General board member)


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Osborne Clarke, ABN AMRO Informal Investment Services, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, TIIN Capital, Informal Capital Network, Angel Funding Germany, Investormatch, de Investeerdersclub, HighTechXL, Meesters van de Toekomst, BiD Network, Leapfunder, VentulizerVectrix-NextStage, MatchinvestMoney Meets Ideas, Flinc