Clever Clover

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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


Clever Clover is a unique start-up accelerator based in Amsterdam. They believe in stimulating innovation in the ‘old economy’ by creating a supportive ecosystem to help new business ideas grow and flourish. Clever Clover invests in innovative start-ups bringing something new to real world business sectors, the so-called ‘old economy’. They provide a modern business accelerator for early stage start-ups, entrepreneurs and small companies. Their unique proposition is based on the longer maturity cycle of traditional sectors and is built on three components: Investment ,Knowledge,Opportunity.


Heinrich Prokop ( Director Founding Partner), Marloes Voermans ( Managing Director – Founding Partner), Robert Goemans ( Audit, Accounting, Taxes And M&a), Markus G. Posset ( Mba Msc), Karin Köfinger ( Senior Expert For Brand Development And Marketing Communications), Robin Williams ( Startup Expert), Wilhelm Homa ( Expert Business And Relationships), Roland Van Kralingen ( Expert On Advertising, Marketing And Business Development), Jens Köster ( Expert On Sales, Account Management And Business Growth In Retail Channels), Anja Spielmann ( Senior Expert Marketing & Media), Joerg Hummer ( Expert On International Business Development, Marketing, And Optimal Pricing Strategies), Mathias Geyer ( Investor, Sales / Marketing), Jeroen Tensen ( Expert In Business Development And Financial Management), Richard Goemans ( Legal Expert With Focus On M&a, Joint Ventures And Investments), Berthold Karlic ( Ceo Of Venionaire).


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Investment information

Investment type

Later-stage venture investments

Investment size

 100k – 200k

Investing in

Established Startups, Early Stage Companies

Investments made

Clicktight, Apha Republic, Sportvideos365, Adoptiq, Flying Tent, App Tomorrow, Fly Fit, The Thinking, Beloved, Kaahée, Scoot And Ride, Jutter Speijs.