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DSM Capital Partners

We’re a growth firm with a value backbone.

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA


DSM Capital Partners was founded by Daniel Strickberger and Stephen Memishian in February 2001. With twenty-four employees, DSM presently manages $6.5 billion. DSM is 100% owned by its employees. The firm’s headquarters is located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. DSM invests in growth companies. Their ten person investment team specializes in proprietary fundamental research, used to identify and model reliable growth companies, complemented by a rigorous valuation discipline used for both buying and selling positions.


Stephen Memishian (Co-Managing Partners), Daniel Strickberger (Co-Managing Partners), Justin Burk  (Analyst), Hannah Chiang (Portfolio Manager/Equity Analyst ), Zhihui (JoJo) Hu (Portfolio Manager/Equity Analyst ), Pinaki Kar  (Portfolio Manager/Equity Analyst), David McVey (Portfolio Manager/Equity Analyst), Takehiko Serai (Global Equity Portfolio Manager/Analyst CFA), Eric Woodworth  (Portfolio Manager), Steve Tish  (CFA), Kenneth Yang (Investment Team),  Michael Wright (Senior Product Specialist). 


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Large Cap, Global Growth, Global Focus, and Global Growth & Income portfolios.

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