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Den Haag, Zuid-Holland


Since 1993, Écart combines the professionalism of a private equity firm with the decisiveness and expertise of experienced entrepreneurs.They invest with an eye for continuity and growth.Écart is established for an indefinite period of time. It gives them the opportunity to take part in a long-term venture. They focus on medium-sized Dutch companies. They believe in pure entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs who show financial commitment, set a clear course and stay focused. They leave it to the entrepreneur to run his business. Besides capital, they provide knowledge, their network and the skills and competencies required to encourage and guide company growth.


L.P.M. (Leo) Zijerveld (Director) , R.W.O. (Rolf) Metz  (Director), M.H. (Marleen) Romeijn (PA & Marketing communication) , G.J.M. (Gijs) Menting (Investment Analist), W. (Willem) van Duijn (Investment Controller) , I.F. (Isabelle) Scalongne, 




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Later-stage venture investments

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Facilitating Growth, Management Buy Out (MBO), Management Buy In (MBI), Family Businesses

Investments made

Rolloos Industries B.V., 5D Invest B.V, R&A Invest Group B.V, HNG Hoevelaken B.V., Euromex Holding B.V., Wilderness B.V., Roldo Rent Holding B.V., Giralis Groep B.V., Atlas Magnetics Group B.V.,PROXY Laboratories B.V., Wakker Beheer Hillegom B.V., Studiekring B.V., 


Rolloos Industries B.V, 5D Invest B.V, R&A Invest Group B.V, HNG Hoevelaken B.V, Euromex Holding B.V, Wilderness B.V, Roldo Rent Holding B.V, Giralis Groep B.V, Atlas Magnetics Group B.V, PROXY Laboratories B.V, Wakker Beheer Hillegom B.V, Studiekring B.V, AC Analytical Controls Holding B.V., Van Leusden B.V., Schouten Holding B.V., Synoptics Holding B.V., Kalibra B.V.,Balance Ervaring op Projectbasis B.V.,  Personal Car Lease B.V, Woerdense Touw- en Zakkenhandel B.V.