Gilde Equity Management

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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


Gilde was established in 1982, placing it among the first private equity firms in the Netherlands. The funds They invest have been entrusted by reputable financial institutions from around the world. Since 1996, Gilde Equity Management (GEM) Benelux has focused exclusively on the Benelux mid-market segment.They work closely with successful management teams, enabling them to acquire and expand the organizations they work for. Over the years, They have invested in a large number of companies with activities in a wide range of sectors.  All partners are also shareholders of Gilde. They maintain offices in Utrecht and AntTheyrp.


Gerhard Nordemann (Managing Partner), Thijs Van Remmen (Investment Director), Remko Jager (Managing Partner), Jaap Schalken (Associate Partner), Bas Glas (Partner), charles kotting (Investment Director), Mathijs Van Meer (Associate), Daniel Winkelman (Investment Director), Pieter Van Scherpenzeel (Senior Business Analyst), Frederic Van Den Weghe (Partner), Max Theunissen (Business Analyst), Thomas Schelfhout (Senior Business Analyst), Erwin Broer (Senior Financial Controller), Nicolien Nijburg (Management Assistant).


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Later-stage venture investments

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Investing in

Food, Manufacturing, Business services 

Investments made

Chemogas, Impulse Info Systems, Fruity Line, Wijnvoordeel, Kwantum, Leapp, Ev-Box, Framed, Pack2Pack, Conclusion, HG International, Dunlop Protective Footwear, Pre Pain & Smithuis, ISFI, BlueCielo, Sovitec, Royal Peijnnenburg, Salad Signature, Actief Interim, Nspyre, De Banketgroep, CurTec, Ad van Geloven, Clean Mat, bakker Bart, Beerens, All Crump, NCT International,Grozettee, Evers Specials, D&M Coatings, Rational, Axxicon, PQR, Erbi, Dupaco, Coldec, Dawi Disk Service, Somatec, Codi International, Venolo Kranen.