Committed Capital

General information


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


henQ Invest is a Venture Capital Firm based in the Netherlands. HENQ provides capital & professional support for early stage technology companies.

HENQ targets young technology companies – with a product that is scalable and has started to generate revenues – led by ambitious and strong management teams, active in international growth markets such as ICT / New Media / Mobile / Software sectors.


Coen van Duiven (Co-Founder), Herman Hintzen (Co-Founder),  


Floris van Alkemade (Executive Partner), Jan Andriessen (Associate Partner), Charity Miller (Investment Analyst), Sylvie Oomens (Office Manager)

Investment information

Investment type

Early stage venture investments

Investment size

500K – 2M

Investing in

B2B, Software, Saas, E-commerce

Investments made

Energyworx, Impraise, inSided Cronofy HousingAnywhere.com, StudyTube, Casengo, SEOshop Group B.V., Campalyst, Seedcamp, CWR Mobility, Wakoopa, Myngle, Videostrip, MADS


SEOshop group B.V. (Acquired by Lightspeed), Wakoopa (Acquired by Netquest)