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Holland Startup

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General information


Utrecht, Utrecht


Holland Startup is a venture builder that builds digital companies together with young entrepreneurs. For the next 5 years it’s our aim to help 50 entrepreneurs build 25 companies.

Holland Startup’s team has over 50 years experience in building companies and creates companies with strong business fundamentals that all have a long term approach to value creation. This gives their network the possibility to receive a good and long-term return on their investment of time and capital.


Robbert Jan Hanse (Founder & CEO), Maurice Bakker (Founder & COO)


Contact information

Investment information

Investment type

Venture building, proof-of-concept investments

Investment size


Investing in

We target opportunities with a minimum of €1 billion market size

Investments made

Decodeon, Solbuzz and Spotinvest


Get funded

Holland Startup is a venture builder. They do not fund companies, they co-build them with you. 

Have a great idea? Go and connect with Holland startup via this link