Newion Investments

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Nijehaske, Friesland


Newion Investments Management (NIM) is an independent venture capital fund founded in December 2000 and focussed on companies operating in the ICT industry. Newion is a highly dedicated investor that is actively engaged with its portfolio companies and keeps in close contact with them. Particularly in the field of strategy and financial auditing. Newion is highly involved, since it operates on the basis of ‘Controlled Growth’. 


Patrick Polak (Managing Partner), Jaap van Barneveld (Managing Partner), Frank Claassen (Investment Director Partner), Erik Aeyelts Averink (Venture Partner), Mathijs de Wit (Investment Manager), Geert Zanting (Controller), Thomas Hannes (Business Analyst), Anna Tuinenburg (Office Manager), Nienke Scheltens (Office Manager)


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Investment information

Investment type

Later-stage venture investments

Investment size

500k – 10M

Investing in

IT Management, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Customer Experience Management, Customer Insights, Business Intelligence, Security, Risk and Compliance.

Investments made

The Next AD, L1NDA, CustomerGauge, Instant Magazine, Nallian, 24i Media, Reasult, iWelcome, Collibra, LedNed, Lightweight Structures, Servoy, Asysco, XVR Simulation, Anago, Inforay, Amyyon, Propulsion. 


Leanapps, MaPS System, Resato, Mirror42, Mirror42, Q-go, Minihouse, Sound Intelligence, The SLTN Group, Wisdom TMLC, Integrated Business Telematics, Oxxio.