The catalyst for economic development in the northern Netherlands

General information


Groningen, Groningen


NOM, Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands, stimulates activity and development of employment in the Northern Netherlands. NOM provides risk financing, provides guidance on siting, promotes investment in the Northern Netherlands and initiates projects that enhance the competitiveness of the regional business. The emphasis is on innovative companies with cross-regional character. NOM is a regional development agency (RDM). Shareholders are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe.


Siem Jansen (Managing Director), Geert Buiter (Director of Finance), Sander Oosterhof (Director of Foreign Investments and DizzDev)


Ruud van Dijk (Investment Manager), Klaas  Kooistra (Investment Manager), Laurens Kruize (Investment Manager), Chantal Leijendekker (Investment Manager), Jeroen van Onna (Investment Manager), Jan Martin Timmer (Investment Manager), Annemieke Wouterse (Investment Manager), Veronique Jeunhomme (Investment Analist)


Investment information

Investment type

Proof of Concept investments, Seed investments

Investment size

50k – 1M  

Investing in

Innovative products, services, and processes 

NOT Investing in

Primary agriculture, primary construction, retail, real estate, hospitality and tourism

Investments made




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