O2 Capital partners

General information


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


O2 Capital Partners chooses to deliberately invest for the longer term, a binding and enjoyable way. They would like to be our partner in achieving our entrepreneurial dream.   As an investment, They go beyond the provision of risk capital, it is their preference to participate with a high personal and strategic involvement. They continue until the shared objectives are achieved.

Features of O2 Capital Partners and investment criteria: – In the form of flexible participate. Both minority and majority stakes are possible;  Not linked to predetermined investment horizon; Companies with good management team.


Jay Hansen (Co-Founder & Managing Partner), Todd Fink (Co-Founder & Managing Partner), Luke K. Plumpton (Vice President), John Gruber (Operating Partner), Patrick R. Corden (Senior Associate), Sean A. Darin (Associate), Gregg Orley (Co-Founder & Partner), Rob Orley (Co-Founder & Partner), Larry Lax (Co-Founder & Partner), Robin Fleck (Director of Finance), Nikki Butts (Office Manager), Jennifer Summers (Assistant Controller).


Contact information

Investment information

Investment type

Later-stage venture investments

Investment size

Enterprise Value: $5 million – $75 million,  EBITDA: $2 million – $10 million (less for add ons)

Investing in

Niche manufacturing, select technology segments, select services businesses, niche distribution, and certain special situations. 

Investments made

Clio Holdings, CCSI Networks, National Technologies, PCT Brands, O2 Specialty Manufacturing , Packaging Concepts and Design, Alpha Sintered Metals, Greco Aluminum Railings, Silbond, RheTech.