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Start Green Capital

Funding sustainable cleantech companies.

General information


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


StartGreen Capital manages two Venture Capital funds: the StartGreen Sustainable Innovation Fund and the StartGreen Consumer Products Fund. Both funds have a focus on innovative entrepreneurs aiming to commercialize a sustainable technology or to accelerate its growth.

The funds focus on early stage sustainable clean tech companies, specifically in the segments of renewable energy, sustainable materials and sustainable ICT solutions. In addition, the investment focus is on technology allowing the consumer to live, work, travel in a sustainable manner and have more leisure time. The above-mentioned segments give an indication of the investment focus. Proposals touching upon one of these segments might also be considered.

These funds are a collaboration between ABN AMRO Participaties NPE Fund B.V., DOEN Participaties and several Family Offices.


Guus Verhees (Manager partner), Janneke Bik (Investment Partner), Bram Ledeboer (Investment Partner), Thijs Gitmans (Investment Partner), Florentine Fokma (Investment Partner), Katie Brokmann (Investment analyst) Bart Raedts (Venture Partner), Sheila Struyck (Venture Partner), Wim Besselink (Finance & Control), Andreas Verlinden (Investment Analyst)


Contact information

Investment information

Investment type

Seed investments, early stage venture investments, debt financing investments, equity crowdfunding

Investment size

100k – 5M

Investing in

Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Materials, Sustainable IT

Investments made

BioGast, FiberCore, Frog, Intivation, Visions Connected, Solesta, FalckStaete, Ojah, Eshgro, Evening Breeze


Frog (Acquired by Oceaneering Holdings SARL)