Tiin Capital

The Informal Investor Network

General information


Bosch En Duin, Utrecht


TIIN Capital invests in promising and innovative early-stage and later-stage companies in the Netherlands with a focus on IT/software, high-tech and med-tech industries. TIIN Capital has the largest network of informal investors in the Netherlands. TIIN Capital manages four funds: TIIN TechFund 1,2 & 3 and TIIN Buy-Out & Growth Fund. The TIIN TechFund 1,2 & 3 funds focus on the software, high-tech and med-tech sectors and provide growth capital to Dutch early-stage businesses and are actively involved in the development and growth of its ventures. TIIN Buy-out & Growth Fund focuses on later-stage IT, software and high-tech SME’s. Under its separate Berk Partners label, the Berk III and Berk IV funds are managed. These funds focus on management buy-outs, carve-outs and family business transfers of Dutch SME companies in the more traditional industries.


Michiel Bloemer (Founder) 


Michael Lucassen (Partner), Maarten Derks (Partner), Henk de Boer (Associate Partner), Richard Tieleman (Investment manager), Fred Oudshoorn (Group controller), Paulien van Empelen (Financial administrator), Ben Wenting (Business controller), Lorena van Gestel (Office manager / Business analyst)



Investment information

Investment type

Early stage venture investments, Later stage venture investments, financing management buy-in and management buy-out 


TF Techfund (closed), TechFund B.V. (closed), TechFund B.V. II (closed),

TechFund B.V. III (open) 

Investment size

200k – 1M

Investing in

ICT, High-Tech, Management buy-out, management buy-in

Investments made

SendCloud, CalSol, Gappless, Informaat, Dycotrade, Olery, Thysia Information Management, WamTam, Authasas, IME Technologies, Type22, Mobilicity, Perrit, Chess Payment Technology, Chess iX, Q4 Open Source, Fullfact, CWR Mobility, SecondFloor, VisionWaves, Lantech, Treparel.com, The Saints, Readspeaker, ITpreneur, RiverD International, One2many, BMEYE


Type22 (Acquired), VisionWaves (Acquired), BMEYE (Acquired), The Saints (Acquired)