Value Creation Capital

We build great technology companies

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Bilthoven, Utrecht


Value Creation Capital (VCC) was founded in 2005 by serial entrepreneurs from the ICT industry. They started numerous innovative ICT companies, developed them and finally sold them successfully. VCC (co-)funds software and managed service companies.

USP of VCC is their injection of “Intellectual Capital”, wide experience & network in this industry, in-depth ICT knowledge, and commitment to bring these ICT companies to the next level.


Aldebert Wiersinga (Managing Partner), Jos Bourgonje (Managing Partner), Ronald Wissink (Managing Partner), Willem van den Berg (Managing Partner), Petra Cruijff (Office Manager), Hugo Ehrnreich (Operating Manager), Olaf Hasker (Operating Partner), Reinald Snik (Operating Partner)


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Investment information

Investment type

Seed investments, early stage venture investments

Investment size

100k – 2.5M

Investing in

Focus on B2B, IT, High-Tech, Saas solutions and managed services

Investments made

Avensus, Carerix, Cantior, Computication, CWR Mobility, CXO cockpit, Floating Byte, Griffid, Inter CommIT, Ion ip, Iaso, Lantech, Libersy, MILabs, NET DIALOG, New Day at Work, Optics, Safety Changer, Simpact, Widexs


Avensus, Centior, Computication, CWR Mobility, Inter CommIT, iaso, Lantech, Widexs