Venture Fathers

We help young entrepreneurs build their companies

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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


Venture Fathers invests through time and technology. We help your company grow by getting involved and develop your business together as a technical business partner. Being in our company allows you to share in over fifty years of combined experience in digital entrepreneurship and a vast set of technical resources to build your business and product.

In addition to developing your business on a strategic and technical level, Venture Fathers helps by creating new business opportunities through our professional network. By connecting your business to the right people and parties over the course of approximately one year, our goal is to accelerate you on your path to becoming a successful independent business.


Remco Bos (Co-Founder), Victor Knaap (Co-Founder), Wesley ter Haar (Co-Founder)

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Seed investments, early stage venture investments

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100k – 600k

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